Solid Titanium Heat Exchangers

Titanium heat exchangers for Marine Application

TiTaN's Solid Titanium shell and tube heat exchangers for high pressure, highly corrosive processes. Heat exchanging equipment fabricated with a combination of solid titanium tube sheets (titanium tube bundle), shells, bonnets and other titanium components.

TiTaN specialized in manufacturing advanced shell & tube heat exchangers for industrial and marine applications offers high purity Titanium (solid titanium) shell&tube heat exchangers, full tig welded in Argon protective atmosphere. TiTaN's unique expertise over a wide variety of materials has gained valuable experience in welding exceptionally reliable titanium heat exchangers for heavy duty applications.

Titanium heat exchangers are totally corrosion resistant and prevents bio-fouling in marine industry with longer lifespans and maximum performance. TiTaN also offers Titanium heat exchangers for chemical sector for perfect working with aggressive media such as nitric acid, hydrochloric acid or chlorine.

  • Dedicated shopfloor for materials
  • ASME approved shop
  • Government recognized star exporter
  • In-house NDT : X ray, DP, UT, MT, PMI, helium leak
  • In-house tube sheet drilling capacity
  • Large production capacity
  • Proven quality system
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Local service