Titanium Expansion Joints

Titanium Metal Bellows Expansion Joints

TiTaN manufacture and weld custom fittings, flanges, and weld rings to its bellows to make customer installations easy and seamless. A titanium expansion joint will significantly increase the service life over that of other stainless steels or alloys for years.

Changes in the concentrations and increased temperatures creates corrosives - shortening the service lives of bellows. Titanium a exceptionally great material for the corrosive environment of the service equipments; significantly extending the service life of the piping expansion joints.

TiTaN designs and fabricates bellow expansion joints for many sectors including,

Energy sector • Power Generating Facilities • Flue Gas cleaning systems • Gas turbine systems • Diesel engine installations
The Process industries• Petro-Chemical plants • Chemical plants • Cement Plants • Steel Plants •
The Marine Industry• Engine Construction • Ship building • Operators / Ship Owners • Original Equipment Manufacturers •
Pulp and Paper Mills • Pollution Control Systems • Scrubbers
Water Treatment Plants • Sewage Treatment Plants • Locomotives
Mining and Refining • Manifolds • Spare parts supply

TITaN manufactures and supplies a large number of expansion joints with titanium bellows with a special design for critical applications that require a high strength material, light weight construction, and media compatibility.

Titanium bellows are characterized by excellent high strength-to-weight ratio, greater corrosion resistance and long durability and less maintainance. TiTaN designs and fabricate bellows made out of materials including nickel based alloys, titanium, duplex steel, zirconium and many others for extreme pressure, temperature and corrosive conditions.