Tantalum Heat Exchangers

TiTaN’s tantalum heat exchangers are designed to withstand the chemical attack by most acids or highly corrosive media. Since the year 1981, TiTaN have developed and constructed Tantalum equipments and components with a high resistance to corrosion design for hot acid applications including hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, acetic acid, sour gas (H2S) and nitric acid.

TiTaN offers a full line of standard and custom designed shell and tube heat exchangers for acids or highly corrosive media operations. Tantalum, the inert material for most acids and highly corrosion areas, when machined/ rolled and fabricated into heat transfer equipment increases the life and durability of heat exchanging equipment (Tantalum heat exchanger) which is far superior to that of a Graphite heat exchanger and reduces downtime and maintenance costs.

Benefits of Tantalum Heat exchangers

Benefits are incomparable when Tantalum heat exchangers are fitted at a plant facility.

Easy retrofit in existing equipment footprint
Eliminates plant downtime due to equipment failure
Superior corrosion resistance and heat transfer
Eliminates acid leaks