Lead Dioxide Graphite Anode ( LEDGA )

GSLD plate anode, GSLD rod anodes

Graphite substrate lead dioxide anodes ( GSLD ) can be used in chlorate and perchlorate cells instead of platinum anodes, but if chromates or dichromates are present in the cells then the current efficiency will be reduced drastically.

GSLD anodes are prepared by electrolytically coating lead dioxide on a graphite substrate. This substrate is cheap and gives reliable electrical connection. But if the coating fails, the substrate material will be distroyed very quickly.

TiTaN 's Lead dioxide coated graphite anode ( PbO2 graphite anodes ) are known as " LEDGA " . Generally these anodes are called GSLD anodes.

TiTaN 's supply range includes plate andoes and rod anodes.

for Lead Dioxide Coated Metal anode ( LEDMA )