HYPOPAC, Concentric Tubular Cell

Tubulat electrolysers for Offshore, Marine & Shipping

HYPOPAC® SERIES Concentric Tubular Electrode assembly are designed for seawater based processes that require lower to medium capacity hypochlorite demands and are offered as HYPOPAC® Onshore Electrolyzers, Bipolar with standard FRP channels and HYPOPAC®-M Offshore Electrolyzers, ATEX Certified Bipolar Cell with SS 316L metallic enclosure.

TiTaN®'s HYPOPAC® SERIES of Concentric tubular Cells when fitted generates various oxidants and radicals by sea water electrolysis including sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) onsite, which inturn can be injected to source-point to disinfect sea water thus preventing marine growth. TiTaN®'s HYPOPAC® concentric tube electrolyzer design incorporates free removal of hydrogen and also prevents scaling due to ingenious design . These self cleaning design ensures near maintenance free operation without any acid cleaning, ensuring the hypo generators to perform consistently for years together

The Advanced Safety HypoPac® Tubular Electrolyzers (electrochemical cells) are built up with series of seamless Titanium Bipolar tubular cells, enclosed with SS316L outer jacket (enclosure) and complies with Essential Health and Safety Requirements relating to design and construction of equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Replacement Electrolyzer Cells

TiTaN's cost-effective advanced water disinfection technology has resulted in the design of the Hypopac® electrolytic cell for the existing TiTaN's (RT CHLOR®-S, RT Marine™) on-site generating system or other existing models.

The new cell design offers improved chlorine production, lower energy consumption, reduced operating costs, maintenance free self cleaning electrolyzers and easy installation. Hypopac® Electrolyzer can be supplied as frame with standard FRP channels and angles or SS 316L metallic enclosure - skid mounted or as loose components or modules.

HYPOPAC, Concentric Tubular Cell Types
  • HYPOPAC® Onshore Electrolyzers with standard FRP channels
  • HYPOPAC®-M ATEX Certified Offshore Electrolyzers with SS 316L metallic enclosure.
  • Complete Protection against bio-fouling
  • Instant operation & Consistent disinfection
  • Easy installation, operation and service
  • Self Cleaning Electrolyzers Design (No Acid wash Required)
  • Corrosion Proof Design with metallic Enclosures
  • Modular Construction
  • Possible replacement Cells & refurbishment
  • No Hazard chemical storage