Hygienic pumps for Pharmaceuticals

Corrosion Free Pumps for Pharma fluid Handling

TiTaN's hygienic pumps (RT Flow) meet all aseptic and sterile demands reliably and efficiently. They are engineered specially for pharma applications offering zero leakage ensuring contamination-free over long periods of time.

SEAL Teflon Bellow / Catridge TYpe

TiTaN has the expertise to fabricate engineered pumps and systems for pharmaceutical industrial applications. TiTaN's RT Flow series hygienic pumps meet all aseptic and sterile demands reliably and efficiently. RT FLOW pumps are hygienic and they are engineered and designed in a way that they don’t give room to bacteria or residue.

TiTaN delivers pumping equipment and pumps spares for cleaning, dosing, water treatment, waste water treatment, cooling, boiler feeding, heating, hydrocarbons, dies, Oils and sanitary processing in pharmaceutical industries.

  • Compact Design
  • No hassles of Alignment
  • Economical Pumping Solution
  • Reduce Capital Equipment costs
  • Easy Installation
  • Less Maintenance
  • Less space requirement
  • Suitable for Skid assemblies.
  • Food processing
  • Water Treatment
  • DM & Ozonized Water
  • Treated Effluent
  • Solvent Handling
  • Hydrocarbons, Dies, Oils
  • Pulp Handling
  • Acids, Alkalies Mixing
  • Organic Environment