Electro-oxidation Cell

TiTaN's ELECTROGEN™ ELECTRO OXIDATION REACTOR (ELECTROCHEMICAL CELL) TiTaN®'s ELECTROGEN ™ electro oxidation cell effectively degrades the refractory pollutants. on the surface of a few electrodes.

In electrooxidation process, electric current applied into the electrolytic chamber (electrooxidation reactor / cell ) causes the colloidal impurities to de-stabilize, resulting in agglomeration and flotation and subsequent removal. Dissolved impurities contributing BOD / COD also get oxidized due to the oxidizing agents released by the electrolytic solution which changes them into a state that is either less colloidal and less emulsified (or soluble) . The contaminants get precipitated and can easily be removed by secondary separation techniques.


Model Design Capacity (litres/hour) Electrolyzer Capacity (KLD)
ELECTROGEN-S-50/1.2 50 1.2
ELECTROGEN-S-100/2.4 100 2.4
ELECTROGEN-S-200/4.8 200 4.8
ELECTROGEN-S-300/7.2 300 7.2
ELECTROGEN-S-425/10 425 10.0
ELECTROGEN-S-625/15 625 15.0
ELECTROGEN-S-850/20 850 20.0
ELECTROGEN-S-1K/25 1050 25.0
ELECTROGEN-S-4.K/100 4200 100.0
ELECTROGEN-S-21K/500 21000 500.0


  • Electrocoagulation Cell for removing Oil & refinery wastes
  • Electrocoagulation reactor for removing soluble/ emulsified oil waste from wastewater
  • Electrocoagulation for marine waste / bilge water treatment (marine black & gray water)
  • Electrocoagulation Cell for paper mill waste Treatment - RT Pure™ System
  • Electrocoagulation Cell for metal plating effluent treatment - surface finishing Industrial Sewage / Effluent (wastewater) Treatment
  • PIXECELL™ CELL for food, dairy , poultry & domestic household sewage waste treatment.
  • Chromate, lead and heavy metal removal from industrial effluent -RT Pure™ System
  • Textile & Tanneries Wastewater Treatment
Electro-oxidation Cell Types
  • Lab model
  • Skid assembled Cell
  • Unit system
  • Eliminates the use of chemicals for treatment
  • Uses Hybrid Monopolar and Bipolar Electrolytic Cell Technology
  • Easily expandable with modular construction
  • Noise free & Smell free operation
  • Small footprint and can be retrofitted in existing facility
  • Ensures compliance with discharge parameters
  • Low Capital Cost and better performance to cost ratio
  • 100% Chemical free process
  • No aeration / blower needed
  • Plug & use: Instant start up
  • Uses only electricity for process